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Today’s new theory is about the automatic car, it has been hailed as one of the greatest inventions. A car that can automatically change gears, no having to muck around with a manual car, having to use the stick shift and clutch to change gears, the automatic gear box does it all for you. How good is that now you just get in the car, put the key and turn the ignition and put you foot on the accelerator and drive, but I think that it is the biggest cause of...

ACCIDENTS! I think it is easy to have an accident in an automatic car then a manual or stick shift. When you drive a manual you have to be aware of what gear you're in, when to change gear, you also have to co-ordinate you right and left feet as well as your hands, meaning in order to get anywhere you actually have to drive the car you are in total control of the car.

In an automatic you really only need to point the car in whatever direction you need to go, it's that simple, whilst it makes driving very easy (and trust me it took me a while to learn how to drive a manual or stick shift) it also means that you can become quite complacent about driving. In a manual you have to be switched on at all times otherwise you STALL it, that's not fun when you stall the car. Next time you are in an automatic, turn it on and put it in drive and without pushing the accelerator the car will start to move forward, try doing that in a manual or stick shift.

Now if an automatic car is easier to operate then it's going to be easier for people to do other stuff in their car like, smoke, change CD's, radio stations and most alarmingly switch off and cause an accident, you don't have to have that level of concentration required in a manual or stick shift car.

When you look at the statistics on road deaths, they are alarming one of the single biggest killers. I think that given our horrible road tolls that it is about time we did a study on how many accidents are caused by manual or automatic cars. I'm betting that the results will show that automatics are involved and the cause of more accidents.

So that is my theory, that  automatic cars are involved and cause more accidents than manual cars! Well do you think that I am onto something. Let me know what you think?
<![CDATA[OBESITY EPIDEMIC THEORY ]]>Mon, 24 Sep 2012 07:14:54 GMThttp://www.creativeconspiracy.net/theories/obesity-epidemic-theoryHere is another theory that I have it goes a little like this, it sounds plausible let me know what you think' 

Today’s new theory is about the obesity epidemic that’s sweeping across the globe. I know that the scientist and psychologists are blaming our sedentary lifestyles. They say that we are increasingly becoming more and more sedentary, that is we are sitting on our asses and not doing anything that involves actually moving, it’s also worth noting that in poorer countries and less well off the obesity epidemic is virtually non-existant. I agree with most of it but I think the biggest cause is...

SOFT DRINKS, those sweet fizzy carbonated drinks! I can’t tell you how many times I have been at the supermarket and seen families who have one trolley for their groceries and pushing another one full of Coke. That can’t be good for you. Even the other day I saw this lady, with her kids and they were buying 3 cases of Coca-cola’s “Mother” energy drink!

How many times have you seen people drinking a can on their way to work, washing their food down with a can of soft drink, it’s not good. When we look back at previous generations you see that they were quite fit and healthy? Now since the soft drink went to mass-production in the fifties, we have become increasingly fatter and fatter, do the maths!

These soft drinks contain about 11 table spoons of sugar ( I saw this at the Coca-cola museum!). Now you cannot possibly do enough in a day to burn off that amount of sugar (Ok, maybe if you where an Iron-man or something) but for the rest of us, there isn’t a hope in hell that your normal life will let you burn that sugar. So the only thing that your body can do is convert it all to FAT.

So my theory is that it is soft drinks that are causing the obesity epidemic! Let me know what you think?

<![CDATA[ Alzheimer’s Theory]]>Tue, 07 Aug 2012 01:05:13 GMThttp://www.creativeconspiracy.net/theories/alzheimers-theoryHere is another theory that I have it goes a little like this, it sounds plausible let me know what you think'

Today my theory is on Alzheimer’s, this insidious disease that is slowly increasing in nations across the earth. It is when your short term memory goes yet interestingly enough your long term memory stays. It’s a bit like your computers RAM seizing up yet the hard drive is perfect. Still it means your computer can’t function due to the RAM going. Now by saying it’s the RAM that goes in our brains, that would be the equivalent of the information that our brain stores in order for us to function on a day to day basis (tying shoelaces, wiping your butt, brushing your teeth, etc)

And that is a perfect analogy  for Alzheimer’s. You see in the last hundred or so years we have gradually increased the living age for humans up from 30-35 years to 80-90 years. We have also become the age of information with our brains having to store information in order for us to live in a technogical age. We constantly have to remember passwords, pin numbers, phone numbers, all this information that 100 years ago they didn’t have to (mainly due to the fact that they had no need to).

Now it sounds awesome that we can live for so long but my theory is, like computers our brain only has a finite amount of memory and by living longer we push our brains to the storage limit and well quite frankly it cracks and Alzheimer’s is the sign that we have reached our storage capacity.

Which brings me to the next point, with Alzheimer’s it’s the short term memory that goes (ie RAM). Anything long term is perfect.  But it still renders the computer useless. I know people say the brain is the fastest computer in the world, that it storage capacity can’t be equalled by any computer, but still like every thing in the universe it is finite, it can’t store information ad infinitum.

So I guess the only way we can beat it is to some how install more memory into our brains? We can do it for computers, so logically it can be done to a brain?

So there you go scientists use my theory but please credit me for the idea.


<![CDATA[TIME AS A THREE DIMENSIONAL OBJECT]]>Wed, 01 Aug 2012 23:49:15 GMThttp://www.creativeconspiracy.net/theories/time-as-a-three-dimensional-objectI have another theory that I have been working on , 
it is still a work in progress, but it goes like this;


Anyway, here is my theory.
We always think of time as a two dimensional line on which rests the past, the present and the future. What if time is actually a three dimensional object. The best idea I could come up with is to think of time as a sphere in which the past, present and future can exist all at the same time.  Think about it, we could effectively exist at all three moments at any given time. So that, if we as a being of energy were to sit at the centre of the sphere, then we would be able to see that time moves all around us. We merely exist within time.

Please help me expand on this theory as I do believe that there is something to it. 
<![CDATA[HOVER TRAVEL THEORY]]>Wed, 01 Aug 2012 23:48:33 GMThttp://www.creativeconspiracy.net/theories/hover-travel-theoryThis is a theory that I have pondered over for sometime.
It has led to major arguments with my wife, family members & friends .
My argument is that theoretically this idea could actually work.


This theory of travel uses the earths natural rotation to travel great distances without actually travelling anywhere. It goes like this. Imagine if we could hover or have some means of levitating up in the air. You’re standing outside in your backyard then all of a sudden you start to hover just above your house. Now you just wait hopefully with enough food & beverages for your journey. As you are hovering you start to notice that you are no longer hovering above your house, you are now over your neigbours house, after a few hours you are now hovering over the ocean. You’d be surprised at just how fast the earth actually rotates, (remember it does a full rotation in 24 hours). Your still hovering in the same spot, (it’s important that you do not move sideways) and watch as now you see a coastline and this means you are now in another country. You watch as the locals go about their daily business. You stop in, check it out and take a few photo’s. Then you go straight up into the air and hover again, pretty soon you’re back over the ocean, and then twenty four hours after you began you see your house and touch down and walk inside like nothing has happened.
So that’s my hover travel theory. That you could hover and let the earth move like it does everyday and you could visit numerous other countries that pass underneath as you travel. I am still working on the jetpack that will allow me to do this. I am going to base it on Jango & Boba Fett’s jetpack, as they look so cool.
Anyway let me know if you think this form of travel is possible?